Die casting

Powstar offer one-stop service for aluminum, zinc, and magnesium alloy die casting with low cost and consistent quality,

Customers include BYD, Valeo, TCL, Led Lighting, Philip, Honda etc

Capability include : Engineering,Tooling, Die Casting, Precision CNC machining

Value-added service include: Secondary process, Surface treatment, OEM etc.



Advanced engineering and mold design
1. Our engineers work closely with our customers from the start to production to realize our customers concept to finished product.   
2. The use of latest CAD/CAM/CAE  technologies enables our engineers to create accurate tooling and present computer-analyzed images to customers.
3. With the aid of die casting simulation software, we can predict casting results to avoid large trapped gas and shrinkage during solidification and minimize porosity.
4. Our ability to customize the correct tooling for complicated geometry, tight tolerance and high density guarantees customers’ success in their products.

Powstar 's advantages in engineering
- Teamworks
- CAD technologies CAD
- Product design assistance
- Reliable engineered solutions
- prototype model before starting production
- Reverse engineering- comes with existing part
- Tooling design/modification of existing mold
- Casting flow simulation
In-house tooling
- Comparing to most die casting facilities where only offer mold repair, our in-house tooling shop with technical teams has the capability 
of building precision tooling and converting existing tooling in our production to satisfy specific customer needs.
- Having our own tooling shop allows us to be able to prolong the life of die casting molds.
- A large on-site warehouse for mold storage can support customers’ immediate order of production and save time and cost in transferring molds.
Powstar advantages in Tooling
- In-house tooling shop
- Up-to-date machinery
- Mold design service
- Use of existing molds including servicing, repairs and modification is also acceptable
- Competitive tooling prices
- Fast turnarounds
- Mold storing available
Die casting
Precision aluminum
Powstar operates 20 sets automatic die-casting equipment from 88ton-1250ton to produce numerous shapes of die casts up to 12KG  in multiple aluminum alloys.
Each die casting machine is equipped with the Process Control System which monitors machines’ performance and ensures consistency, as well as the assistive automation equipment.
Our plant capacity is up to 10 million pieces annually with quality assurance, which is acknowledged throughout the industry.
We render cost-effective solutions regardless of quantity, size or order frequency to all die casting needs.
Powtar's advantages in die casting
- High performance die casting machines
- Cost effectiveness
- Shot Control System
- Prompt delivery
- Quality assurance
- Parts ranging up to 12kg  holding tight tolerances.
- Maximum 10 million pieces a year
Advantages in machining
* state-of-the-art CNC machines
* Precisions
* Quick production
* All kinds of machining service

Surface Treatment.
Powstar Surface treatment can provide die casting with corrosion resistance, durability and decorative appearance.
From design to finishing, our full service capabilities make Powstar your one stop die caster.

Powstar advantages in finishing
In-house finishing shop
Defect free
Custom materialsServices include:
Chrome Plating
Powder Coating
Sand Blasting
And more
Quality Control
Powstar lives by a commitment to its customers, its equipment and its employees
Alloys Cast: ADC12, A380, LM20, AlSi9Cu3, ZL102, and customized aluminum alloys
Quality System Certifications: All Divisions ISO 9001

Our Quality Assurance Department implements our quality policies utilizing:
Six Sigma
Continuous in-process inspections
Final inspection
Incoming raw material inspection
Metal analysis spectrometry
Periodical training

We employ state-of-the-art technologies for quality assurance:
Metal analysis spectrometry
Leak testing
CMM inspection center
Shot Control System - real time shot monitoring
3D scanner
Destructive testing, pressure/leak testing, gaging
Indutries served.
Powstar  delivers effective full-service die casting solutions to a wide variety of industries.
Some of the key markets that Powstar currently serves:
  • Automotive
  • LED Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Office Equipment
  • Home appliance
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Machine
  • Medical
  • Valve/pump