Hot Runner Mold

Hot runner solutions have been utilized in various plastic injection molded products. Such as bumpers, automotive instrument panels and LCD/TV panels. Advantages hot runner molds bring include material and energy cost savings and shorter cycle times, for the runners that are eliminated in the process. However, hot runner systems are comparatively more complex and commonly face the challenge of elaborate temperature control and the risk of thermal degradation of plastic materials. Hot runner systems are feed systems for injection molds which convey molten plastic from the machine nozzle into the cavity.

Molders and mold makers require tooling solutions that are reliable, minimize variability and improve production efficiencies for the most complex applications. Our hot runner solutions meet the needs of today’s production requirements by optimizing the entire melt delivery system, ensuring the best gate quality, cavity-to-cavity balance and fastest color changes.

POWSTAR understands your production requirements at a tooling level. By taking parts first approach we can optimize your hot runner for each application, helping you bring products to market faster and at the lowest part cost.

We have hot runner solutions for any application or volume, including:

Single face, hot cavitation systems

We offer perfectly balanced, easy to operate, single face, high cavitation hot runners for 24 to 128 drops and higher.

-Complete range of nozzle sizes and gating styles for all applications

-Every system is designed for optimum color change, balance and cycle time

-Robust plate support for extended mold life

-Fully assembled and tested




 Stack hot runner systems

We offer two, three and four level systems in hot tip and valve gate configurations. As an innovator in stack hot runner solutions, we have designed and manufactured thousands of stack hot runner systems.

-Multitude of sprue bar configurations

-Low maintenance, operator friendly centering and support mechanism

-Offset and back-to-back positioning available



Non-symmetrical and family molds


We offer complete non-symmetrical and family mold system solutions. Our flow simulation program is recommended to optimize and balance these systems.




Multi-material systems

We have extensive experience providing a range of multi-color and multi-material system solutions, from small 2+2 applications up to 64+64 valve gate systems. We have the experience and expertise to design the most challenging applications.