Tackling challenges. Providing the right solutions. Exceeding expectations.

POWSTAR have been specialised in the area of the metal stamping tooling for 19 years. And no one is more focused that POWSTAR, We are determined to solve your most challenging problems - in ways no one else will - whether it's in the are of tooling, manufacturing, or innovation. For every situation you face, we'll work closely with you to provide a professional solution.
The better solution, it might be more cost-effective, economical, easy operation or more stable for productions.And we’ll back it up with world-class service and support. All focused on making sure we deliver an experience that exceeds your demanding expectations. All the time. Every time. We are your best source for the better solution.

Main business area as below:

  • Design、manufacture for Single stamping dies, Progressive stamping dies and Transfer dies.
  • Mass Production and secondary processing for precision stamping parts.

Max. Press Machine: 1250T, Max. Die: 4.5 m x 2.0 m;