Progressive Tooling

POWSTAR uses progressive tooling to produce a wide range of parts and components. This automated process uses multiple tools in sequence to form a metal strip into complex parts, with each tool “progressing” the work done by the one previous. In this way, parts requiring multiple processes to reach their end shape can be produced quickly and efficiently in one singular process.

Our excellence in progressive tooling is facilitated by our first-class progressive die and tool shop. Because we can create any progressive tools or progressive dies we need in-house, we are able to manufacture tight-tolerance, precision parts from nearly any customer design. Our made-to-order form dies and tools ensure perfect adherence to the dimensions of your design, no matter how simple or complex it may be.

Progressive tooling allows us to meet customer demands for high or low volume parts quickly and with perfect precision and repeatability. We manufacture tight-tolerance parts that match your exact designs and deliver them on your deadline.

Contact us today on progressive tooling for your parts and components or any additional information on how we can form dies to fit your exact application needs. Please Check out our Metal Stamping Equipment List.